How to Find Your Soul Mate – Part 3

It took Sylvester five months — so pretty much in line with my half-year prediction. He was beaming with joy as he gave me his update. He kept repeating cliche phrases straight out of rom-com movies and harlequin novels, but he didn’t care because he was in love:

“I don’t mean to put her on a pedestal, but she is absolutely amazing.”

“I swear, I never felt this way before.”

“I cannot believe how happy I am.”

… and so on.

I could tell he had followed the plan. He was definitely on his way to his fitness goals. There was a confidence and fluidity to his movements. There was a subtle transformation to his entire being as well — in his gaze, his thoughtfulness, his choice of words, and too many details to list, I could sense a depth that had not been there previously.

“The funniest thing,” he said, “is how closely she matches what I wrote. She really is a blonde bartender. How about that?”

I smiled at this, but said nothing. It was, of course, a remarkable coincidence. However, others who followed the same process had also experienced the same thing. At first I was astonished, because I was still looking at the world from a mechanistic, materialistic perspective. Over time, I learned to expect such coincidences. They made much more sense once I accepted the spiritual side of life as a proven reality. We really are spiritual entities coming to the material plane to learn our life lessons. We really do have a soul mate somewhere among all the soul companions who came here with us.

“Tell me about how the process worked for you,” I prompted.

“I felt a difference in me just a few weeks into the plan,” Sylvester said. “I had a sense of purpose. I knew what I was doing — thanks to you — so I walked around knowing exactly what had to happen, and the actions I needed to take to catalyze it. Soon, other people felt the difference too.”

“So they began to react to you differently?” I asked.

“Oh yes. I think the most dramatic difference for me was that girls would actually talk to me. It may not seem like such a big deal to you,  but it’s never happened to me before. Some of them even say things like, ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something different about you.’ I would take that as a cue to describe what I was doing to work on myself, and that would usually lead to an enjoyable conversation.”

“Was this how you met your soul mate?”

“Actually, no. I loved the female attention — what guy wouldn’t? But, I knew they weren’t the one, because I had written such a detailed description. I did have more dates in the next few months than I had in the previous five years combined, and I realized this was actually part of the plan too.”

“Part of the plan? What do you mean?”

“Well, you remember I described my soul mate’s personality as open, sunny, outgoing, approachable, and popular, right? Well, a good match for a girl like that would be a guy who could handle himself in any social situation. I did not fit that description, and I couldn’t think of a way to improve myself in that regard. I mean, I had no idea where to sign up for a class to be more sociable.”

“Okay, I begin to see where you are going with this thought.”

“Yes! My dating calendar was much more active and I enjoyed the heck out of it. At the same time, each encounter made me a little more confident, a little more sociable, and a little more comfortable among people. By the time I actually met my soul mate, I had no trouble at all being myself. I wasn’t nervous chatting with such a pretty girl. She was used to guys coming on to her breathing hard and drooling over her, so me talking to her like a normal human being was quite refreshing. It was attractive to her. It caught her attention.”

I congratulated Sylvester. He had discovered the secret of finding the soul mate. As he saw for himself, the answer never was searching far and wide. That was the one thing people thought of, but it just didn’t work. The real answer always was becoming the prince that the princess of your dreams would dream about. When you are truly ready to be the prince, the princess appears.

The mirror process works exactly the same way for women. There is no need to spend another minute lamenting the lack of good men. Your prince is out there, waiting for the right moment to manifest in your reality. When you have described him completely, and used that description to figure out how to become the woman of his dreams, nothing can stop the two of you coming together. That’s the way it has always been, and the way it will always be.