The Future of Exercise

As VR technology continues to improve, it will be increasingly popular, with more and more applications in different areas of life. At a certain point a few years down the road, the VR headset will be light enough that it will become practical to bring it into your daily exercise routine.

The idea is a logical extension of the stationary bicycle with a display that lets you ride a “virtual course” for your cardio workout session. Such bikes are widely available today, and they can increase your motivation, and make your exercise more fun. With VR technology, you no longer need a screen. Your headset gives you a panoramic view. You can look in any direction you want, so the experience is even more immersive. The VR environment can be computer generated, or it can be a recording for a particular real-life course.

Along with the immersive experience, the equipment will also have a microprocessor-controlled fan, to blow air at you depending on your speed. This makes the experience even more convincing, and will also make you more comfortable when the cardio exercise makes you hot and sweaty.

This idea isn’t limited to stationary bicycles. It can be be applied to other kinds of exercise equipment. For instance, imagine a VR Stairmaster. As you climb, your view changes in accordance with your virtual elevation. When you get up high enough in the virtual environment, you are rewarded with beautiful views in every direction.

The same idea will also work with treadmill. However, for running, the VR visor will need to be light enough, and secure enough that it won’t fly off the user’s head.